A research group led by Takashi Koyamauchi, a full-time lecturer at Meiji University, succeeded in modifying the metabolism of cyanobacteria by genetic modification.We have found that this increases useful amino acids.Expectations will be gathered for the production of useful substances using cyanobacteria.

 Cyanobacteria are bacteria that can utilize light energy and carbon dioxide by photosynthesis.It has the characteristics of rapid growth and easy gene modification, and has been used for basic research in photosynthesis and metabolism for a long time.In recent years, there have been high expectations that it will be possible to make things using the metabolites of cyanobacteria.Therefore, the research group used Synechocystis, a type of cyanobacteria, to modify the gene and investigate its effect on metabolism.

 Since the body clock of cyanobacteria is closely related to metabolism, the research group predicted that the metabolism could be controlled by modifying the genes involved in this body clock.First, when this gene was regulated to oversynthesize proteins, it became clear that the amount of intracellular sugars and amino acids changed.Furthermore, it was found that the modified Synechocystis cultured for one day in the dark had an increased amount of a useful amino acid called intracellular lysine as compared with the wild-type Synechocystis cultured in the light.

 In this study, it was revealed that by modifying genes involved in the regulation of the biological clock, it is possible to change the metabolism of cyanobacteria and increase useful substances such as lysine.More and more attention will be paid to manufacturing using cyanobacteria. ..In the future, it is expected that research will be promoted toward the elucidation of the detailed metabolic mechanism and the establishment of large-scale cyanobacterial culture.

Source:[Meiji University] Succeeded in modifying the metabolism of cyanobacteria using regulatory factors

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