To commemorate the reopening of the library, Fukushima University, which boasts the largest collection of books in the Tohoku region, held a "Talk Show & Autograph Session" by Fuminori Nakamura, a graduate of the university's Faculty of Administrative and Social Sciences, and Fuminori Nakamura. It will be held on July 2015th at the university library.

Mr. Nakamura made his debut in 2002 with the 34th Shincho Rookie of the Year Award for his book "Gun", and in 2005 he received the Akutagawa Prize for his book "Children in the Earth" at the young age of 27. ..In addition, the latest issue, "On the Night You Disappeared," was published in May 2015 as the first newspaper serial novel.Mr. Nakamura, who liked reading books, including Osamu Dazai's "No Longer Human," started writing novels when he was in the third year of Fukushima University.How did the library of Fukushima University, to which many books belong, affect him?Also, now that aliteracy is a problem, I am looking forward to seeing how the appeal of books can be conveyed from the perspective of a novelist.
 Anyone can participate in the talk show from 14:15, and it is a chance to hear the story of the Akutagawa Prize-winning artist, which is difficult to hear.After that, from 45:100, an autograph session will be held for the first XNUMX people who purchased Mr. Nakamura's books, so it is also attractive to be able to exchange words directly with Mr. Nakamura.
By the way, in this renewal, human resources will be centered on the learning commons of the new building (a learning area where you can talk, a space where you can meet the stimulus and joy of learning, and a place where you can exchange knowledge, which is not so common in conventional libraries). We are focusing on training.
Whether you live nearby or not, why not listen to Mr. Nakamura's valuable story and feel the new "wind" that the new library at Fukushima University gives to students and the community. Is not it.

Source:[Fukushima University] Fukushima University Library Renewal Opening Memorial Fuminori Nakamura Talk Show & Autograph Session (PDF)

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