The Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) has decided on new research and development issues for the future society creation project (search acceleration type, large-scale project type) in 29.

 In this project, based on social and industrial needs, we set technically challenging goals aiming for targets that have economic and social impact, and aim for POC (proof of concept: the stage where it can be determined whether it can be put into practical use). Carry out research and development.There were 29 applications from industry, government, and academia in the 621 proposal solicitation, and 55 were adopted.

 In the search-accelerated priority open recruitment theme, many relatively young R & D representatives were selected, mainly from universities, in terms of high impact, that is, how much value is given to society.
Six cases such as Waseda University's "Building an Ultra-Smart City Service Management Platform" in the area of ​​"Realization of an ultra-smart society", and Nagoya University's "Fusion of cognitive science and control engineering" in the area of ​​"Realization of a sustainable society" 6 cases such as "Coexistence of intelligent machines and human beings", 7 cases such as "Pre-illness screening service for the realization of a zero dementia society" of Osaka University in the area of ​​"Realization of the world's safest and most secure society" Twenty-two projects such as "Future society pioneered by direct power supply while driving for electric vehicles" of the University of Tokyo were selected in the area of ​​"Realization of a low carbon society, which is a global issue".

 Large-scale project-type technical themes include "Laser Plasma Acceleration Technology that Leads to Innovative Miniaturization and Higher Energy of Particle Accelerators" by the High Brightness Photon Science Research Center, and "Innovative Reduction of Energy Loss" by RIKEN. "High-temperature superconducting wire joining technology that leads to the technology" and "Quantum inertial sensor technology that leads to innovative high-precision and miniaturization of self-position estimation equipment" of Tokyo Institute of Technology were adopted.

reference:[Japan Science and Technology Agency] Future Society Creation Project (Exploration Acceleration Type / Large-scale Project Type) Deciding New R & D Issues in XNUMX

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