Japan Women's University, which has decided to qualify transgender women * for examinations from students enrolled in 2024, announced the Diversity Declaration on June 2022, 6. We aim to become a women's university where "diversified women" can learn and empower each other.

 At Japan Women's University, discussions began in 2017 on an environment where "diversified women" can study together as a women's university, and in 2018, a diversity committee was set up to include students, parents, faculty and staff, and graduates. I have had many dialogues with various people involved in.

 Then, in 2020, it was decided from the 2024 enrollment that "transgender women" who wish to study at Japan Women's College based on their gender identity would be eligible to take the exam.This decision reaffirms our inherent diversity and creates an environment that embraces the diverse identities of all students, not just transgender women.

 Until now, Japan Women's University has created an environment where "diversified women" can learn together, such as formulating guidelines and manuals, assigning gender-specialized counselors, and setting up diversity weeks for students in order to accept "transgender women." I have been focusing on it.In order to create an environment where students, faculty and staff, and students can constantly talk, learn, and empower each other by paying attention to various attributes, we have made it visible and verbalized again as the "Diversity Declaration".

 Through the "Diversity Declaration," at Japan Women's University, we hope that people inside and outside the university will be aware of the diversity initiatives and attitudes of the university, and that "transgender women," whose gender identity is female, will also learn together. We want to create an environment that all students understand at the time of admission.

* A "transgender woman" is a person whose legal gender (family register for Japanese, passport notation for foreigners) is other than female, and gender identity is female.

Reference: [Japan Women's University] Announcement of Diversity Declaration Aiming to become a women's university where "diversified women" can learn and empower each other (PDF) 

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