Saitama Institute of Technology (Fukaya City, Saitama Prefecture) will conduct the first demonstration experiment on automatic driving of automobiles in Saitama Prefecture on public roads around the university with the cooperation of Fukaya City.The experiment is from December 2017, 12 to March 1, 2018.

 Saitama Institute of Technology celebrated its 2016th anniversary in 40.As a commemorative project, we established the Manufacturing Research Center and launched a project to develop next-generation automobiles.The Autonomous Driving Study Group was established in it to conduct research and development on autonomous driving.
 In October 2017, the project started a large-scale demonstration experiment of the "autonomous driving system," which is a strategic innovation creation program of the Cabinet Office.Along with major automobile manufacturers in Japan and overseas, only Saitama Institute of Technology participates in private universities.

 For the purpose of this demonstration experiment, Saitama Institute of Technology wants to provide students who are aiming to become engineers with opportunities to learn cutting-edge technology and gain valuable experience.In addition, the aim is to produce human resources who can contribute to community development, such as fostering "autonomous driving-related industries" in Fukaya City and proposing new mobile services to citizens in collaboration with companies and research institutes inside and outside the city. ..
Furthermore, as a technical issue for development, we are aiming to realize a function that supports highly safe driving in response to the natural environment of Fukaya City, which has a large amount of rainfall from summer to autumn.

 The experimental vehicle for autonomous driving is a modified Toyota Prius.Engine start / stop, shift switching, steering, braking, driving, and other peripherals can be operated via a computer.In the experiment, various devices according to the content of the experiment are attached to the inside and the upper part of the car body within the scope of the law to perform automatic driving.

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