A research group led by Professor Shinji Sakai of Osaka University Graduate School and Mr. Wildan Mubarok (Doctoral Program) has developed a method to coat the surface of nematodes such as Anisakis with a flexible thin film to make a suit.Since Anisakis can detect the "smell" of cancer and search for cancer, it is expected to develop a new cancer treatment method by transporting anticancer substances with this thin film.

 Anisakis is a type of nematode that causes stomach pain when ingested through mackerel sashimi.On the other hand, there are reports that it does not die immediately even in gastric fluid, and that it can detect the "smell" of cancer and move to adhere to cancer, and cancer screening methods that utilize this ability have also been put into practical use. ..

 The research group has started research to utilize the ability to detect the "smell" of this cancer and move to the cancer site.In order to use Anisakis as a transporter of substances that kill cancer cells, a method of forming a thin film of a flexible gel with a thickness of about 0.01 mm on the nematode surface in about 20 minutes, which does not affect odor detection ability or motility. Succeeded in developing.

 In the experiment, the nematode was coated with a gel thin film containing an enzyme (glucose oxidase) that can generate hydrogen peroxide from glucose in the blood, and placed in a culture medium containing cancer cells. After 24 hours, the cancer cells were found. I was able to die.It was also found that coating with a gel thin film containing an ultraviolet transmission preventing material improves resistance to ultraviolet rays, and coating with a gel thin film having various functions can impart new functions to nematodes.

 In cancer treatment with Anisakis, it is also necessary to develop technologies such as killing immediately when not needed and not causing allergic reactions.In the future, it is expected that Anisakis will search for cancer and lead to a new cancer treatment method that attacks cancer cells with the function of the suit formed on the surface.

Paper information:[Materials Today Bio] Nematode Surface Functionalization with Hydrogel Sheaths Tailored In Situ

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