Chubu University has signed a cooperation agreement with Toyoyama Town, Aichi Prefecture.Utilize the human and intellectual resources of Chubu University for community development in Toyoyama Town, which will lead to regional revitalization, and use Toyoyama Town as a research field for students.

 The agreement signing ceremony was held at the Toyoyama Town Hall, attended by President Osamu Ishihara from Chubu University and Mayor Masaki Hattori from Toyoyama Town.After signing the agreement, they shook hands and vowed to cooperate.Then, there was a round-table conference with executives from Chubu University and Toyoyama Town, and lively exchanged opinions on community development and fieldwork of students.

 The agreement includes town development and regional revitalization in Toyoyama Town, mutual utilization of intellectual and human resources, promotion of industries such as the aircraft industry, school education, lifelong learning, culture, promotion of sports, student volunteers, internships, etc. Both sides will cooperate in local community activities.

 Chubu University will establish a new department of aerospace science and engineering in the Faculty of Engineering in 2018, and will focus on developing human resources who will play an active role in the aerospace industry.In Toyoyama Town, the aircraft industry is thriving, where the assembly plant for the small passenger aircraft "Mitsubishi Regional Jet", which is being developed mainly by Mitsubishi Aircraft, is located. We hope that there will be a synergistic effect on human resource development in the aerospace industry.

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