In March and May 2015, the Benesse Institute for Educational Research conducted a survey on "learning and growth in college" for 3 people with a college degree (short-term, 5-year, 4-year) graduation. And published the result.

 Since the 1990s, when various institutional and organizational reforms were carried out at universities.The survey was conducted to investigate what kind of learning outcomes university education has brought about and contributed to life after graduation through these reforms, and to consider the future of university education.The subjects of the survey are divided into two groups, the group before the reform is in full swing (40-55 years old) and the group after the university education (23-34 years old), and the reform is done by comparing between generations. Clarified the change due to.

According to the survey results, about 23% of people aged 34 to 80 and about 40% of people aged 55 to 70 have a “feeling of growth in college”.The percentage of those aged 23 to 34 who answered that they had the opportunity to "independently learn", such as learning with a small number of people and deepening their own ideas, was about 40 to 55 points higher than those aged 8 to 17. In addition, 93.2% of the respondents who answered that they had a lot of "independent learning" answered that they "realized growth in college".

Furthermore, when comparing the "current thoughts on university education" with the results of the 2012 university students (4,911 students), it is better to have more practice-style lessons that students will research and present on their own. 16.7% of current students, 23% of graduates (34-42.8 years old), and 40% of graduates (55-54.2 years old). The result was that I became keenly aware of its importance.From this, it has become an issue for students to know the "value of learning" at the university.

* Detailed results of the "Reflection Survey on Learning and Growth at Universities" are available on the website of the Benesse Institute for Educational Research.

Source:[Benesse Institute for Education] A retrospective survey on learning and growth at the university

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