Colors Co., Ltd., which operates the babysitter service "Kids Line" *, holds a "Babysitter Certification Course" for female college students to learn childcare skills in order to solve the chronic shortage of childcare support systems. After graduating, I am working on a business to introduce a part-time job of a babysitter who supports a working mother to those who wish.Following the first course of summer vacation, the second course has been held since September 1, 2015.

 In this course, you will learn childcare points by age, how to deal with emergencies, childcare know-how such as play for each growth process, allergy care, sick child care, babysitter know-how such as precautions for transportation.After taking the course, you will be given a Colors-certified babysitter qualification (private sector), and after several on-the-job trainings, applicants can register for a part-time job.

The merit of working as a babysitter for female college students is not only the conditions for deciding their own schedule and working at their favorite hourly wage, but also acquiring childcare skills and seeing the lifestyle of working mothers up close. It is possible to gain experience that will be useful in the future, such as being useful for future design.

From the first graduates, "I was able to create an image of balancing work and childcare through the support of working mothers at home." There are comments such as "I want to", "I realized the importance and fun of raising children, and it was a series of scales from my eyes."

* "Kids Line" is an online babysitter service that can be arranged on the same day from 3 yen per hour at one-third the price of a normal babysitter service.

Source:[Colors Co., Ltd.] [Babysitter qualification acquisition is very popular among female college students] 100 people rush to the qualification acquisition course if you can learn the realities of work and childcare before employment. 

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