At Shinshu University, the Faculty of Economics will be reborn as the "Faculty of Economics" in April 2016.The Faculty of Economics is composed of the "Applied Economics Department", which focuses on economics, and the "Comprehensive Law Department," which focuses on law, in the sense that it specializes in economics and law. Those who are qualified to enter the match in 4 will be the first students of the "Faculty of Economics".

 The curriculum of the faculty is characterized by (80) learning specialized knowledge in economics and law in order to acquire the abilities required by society by referring to the results of interviews with more than 3 hiring managers of government and companies. "Sex" (XNUMX) "Practicality" to practice the theory learned in the field (XNUMX) "Interdisciplinaryness" to study other academic fields such as science and engineering and medicine in order to acquire a wide range of knowledge necessary for solving complex social problems. It will be configured.In addition, by incorporating active learning, you can check the results learned in specialized education on-site, such as entering hospital affairs to learn management affairs and participating in the field of community support of the Council of Social Welfare, and establish knowledge through experience. Practical and practical courses will be held.

The maximum number of students for the general entrance examination of the Faculty of Economics is 150.The breakdown is the Department of Applied Economics (60 in the first semester, 20 in the second semester) and the Department of Comprehensive Law (60 in the first semester, 10 in the second semester).Until now, you could only apply for one department in the general entrance examination (first semester schedule), but after the new establishment, you will be able to select the second department.Applicants from both departments are sorted from the highest score to the first-choice department, and if one of the departments exceeds the capacity, the second-choice department will pass.Even after enrolling in the second-choice department, you can change the department under certain conditions.

Source:[Shinshu University] Shinshu University will establish a new "Faculty of Economics and Law" in April 2016.

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