Summary of academic publisher Springer Nature, which holds the scientific journal "Nature", that the number of papers published in 2016, which was published in collaboration with private companies and academic research institutions such as universities, has doubled compared to 2012. I found out.On the contrary, the number of papers published by companies is decreasing, and it is clear that the research and development of companies is shifting from being independent to collaborating with academic research institutes.

 When Springer Nature examined the number of papers jointly published by companies and academic research institutes from the "Nature Index" of the paper database, it was 2012 in 1, but doubled to 2,672 in 2016. Was.
In addition, nearly 2012% of corporate papers published in the Nature Index from 2016 to 90 were co-authored with researchers at universities and public research institutes.

 As industry-academia collaborative research progressed, the number of patents filed by universities in the United States surged from 1996 in 2,266 to 2014 in 5,990.The number of university-launched startups has almost doubled from about 2001 in 400 to about 2013 in 760.
Compared to 10 years ago, more patents have cited the Institute of Science and Engineering, but only a few of the cited papers have been written by corporate researchers. ..

 Breaking down the world's corporate research by country, the United States accounted for almost half at 49.25%.Japan is second with 10.65%.By company, IBM in the United States is at the top, and NTT is in the top ten from Japan in 2th place.

reference:[Springer Nature] It is clear from the Nature Index that collaboration between companies and academic research institutes is becoming active.

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