Showa Women's University Women's Culture Research Institute will hold a symposium "Future Women's University and Women's Gender Studies" online on July 50, 2022 to commemorate the publication of Bulletin No. 7.Discuss the issues of gender studies in Japan and the ideal way of women's universities.

 Showa Women's University Women's Culture Research Institute was established in May 1986 to commemorate the 5th anniversary of Showa Women's University.As a comprehensive research institute on women's culture, we are conducting research activities with the aim of promoting women's culture research at the Graduate Schools of Showa Women's University and university departments, and at the same time contributing to the creation and development of women's culture both inside and outside Japan. ..

 At the symposium, three issues will be raised and lectures will be given on gender studies and women's colleges in Japan.The first issue is "What the future of women's university should be-expectations for research and activities (role in adult education, working on men, etc.)" by Mariko Bando, President and President of Showa Women's University.Next, Professor Naohiro Yashiro's "Future Women's Universities, Research, Research Institutes, and Social Policy".The third is "Expectations and challenges for future women's universities and gender studies based on trends in gender studies in Japan" by Professor Emeritus Yumiko Ehara of Tokyo Metropolitan University.

 After the lecture, a panel discussion was held with Yoshiko Kitamoto, Deputy Director of the Institute for Women's Culture, acting as a coordinator.In addition to discussions by the directors of the three research institutes of Showa Women's University, the Institute for Women's Culture, the Institute for Contemporary Education, and the Institute for International Culture, discussions with three proponents, recommendations from Showa Women's University graduate students, etc. I do.

 The symposium "Women's College and Women's Gender Studies in the Future" will be held online on July 2022, 7 (Sun).The holding time is from 31:16 to 18:7.Participation is free.Apply for participation from the Showa Women's University website using a dedicated form.The application deadline is 28:17 on Thursday, July XNUMXth.

Reference: [Showa Women's University] Women's Culture Research Institute "Future Women's University and Women's Gender Studies" Symposium 7/31 (Sun) 


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