Tokyo City University will hold a tour and open lab on July 7 at the Tokyo City University Atomic Energy Research Institute in Ozenji, Asao-ku, Kawasaki.A variety of programs are planned, such as seminars for entrance examinations for nuclear human resources development and tours of nuclear reactors and accelerators.

 From 2019, Tokyo City University will newly establish a comprehensive selection of nuclear human resources entrance exams for the entrance exams of the Department of Nuclear Safety Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology, in order to recruit students who are strongly thinking about their activities in the field of nuclear engineering.You are required to submit an assignment report at the time of application.The report can be selected from research presentation type, social science type, seminar participation type, and reference book type, but this tour of the Atomic Energy Research Institute is positioned as a seminar-participation type target event.

 According to Tokyo City University, the seminars are divided into two seminars: "What is a radioactive high-quality object?" And "How to separate similar objects? Application of radiation to chemistry".In addition to the reactor room, the tour will visit the Musashi Institute of Technology, the tandem accelerator, and so on.

 In addition to examinees (already graduates are also acceptable), parents and guardians can also participate (if there are many participants, the seminar will be viewed in a separate room).Due to the Korona-ka, in addition to seminars by visitors, live online distribution will also be held.Those who wish to participate can apply from the Tokyo City University website.

 Tokyo City University opened the "Nuclear Research Institute" in 1960, when it was the predecessor of Musashi Institute of Technology, aiming for the peaceful use of nuclear energy and technological development.It has been used in various ways as a shared facility for universities nationwide.It was decided to abolish the nuclear reactor, and it is currently used as a facility for handling radioisotopes in the experimental training of the joint graduate school "Joint Nuclear Energy Major" with the Department of Nuclear Safety Engineering and Waseda University, and the facility is used for the purpose of social contribution. It provides an opportunity for students to deepen their thoughts on nuclear power.

reference:[Tokyo City University] About holding a tour of the Nuclear Research Institute for high school students [Saturday, July 7]

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