From 2023, Tokyo City University has newly established a system to exempt 3% (up to 75 yen) of the tuition fee for third-year transfer students from colleges of technology.The purpose is to reduce the financial burden on transfer students and contribute to the development of excellent human resources.We also look forward to new research innovations by accepting human resources from diverse backgrounds.

 Colleges of technology (technical colleges) are a five-year integrated education and research course after graduating from junior high school, and there are 5 schools nationwide.Fifty-three of them are industrial, and have produced talented human resources who contribute to the industry of the prefecture in which they are located.In recent years, the number of cases of transfer to a university after graduation has increased, and in 57, 53 (2021%) of the 9,710 graduates of all technical colleges were transferred to a university (according to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology School Basic Survey). ).

 Tokyo City University has traditionally conducted a "third year transfer examination (recommended by a college of technology)" to accept transfer students from technical colleges.3 industrial schools (including 53 national and public schools and 50 private schools) are designated as the target schools for the recommendation system, and grade standards are set for applications.However, because tuition fees are higher than those of national and public universities, the number of students transferred to Tokyo City University under this recommendation system was only a few each year.

 In view of these circumstances, Tokyo City University has newly established a system to reduce tuition fees by 50% for those who have passed the entrance examination system and have graduated from 75 national and public technical colleges.For example, at the Faculty of Science and Engineering, the annual tuition fee of 147 yen will be reduced by 6000 yen to 110 yen (admission fee, etc. is required).Currently, the standard tuition fee for national and public universities is 7000 yen per year, but it will be much lower than this.In the two years after transfer, the total exemption will be 36 yen.The target faculties are Faculty of Science and Engineering / Faculty of Architecture and Urban Design / Faculty of Information Engineering / Faculty of Environment, Department of Environmental Creation / Faculty of Media and Information Studies, Department of Information Systems.

 Those who have graduated from a college of technology at Tokyo City University have achieved high achievements in both academics and research, and many of them go on to graduate school after graduation.We also expect new research innovations by accepting human resources with backgrounds different from those of regular enrollees.

Reference: [Tokyo City University] Tokyo City University establishes a new tuition exemption system for third-year transfer students from colleges of technology — 3% of tuition (maximum 75 yen) exemption


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