A collaborative research group consisting of Kyoto University, Osaka University, COGNANO Co., Ltd., Yokohama City University, Tokyo University, etc. has succeeded in establishing a Nanobody antibody effective against all mutant strains of the new coronavirus from the alpaca gene. ..It is said that it also shows neutralizing activity in the Omicron strain, which is currently the mainstream of pandemics.

 Nanobody antibodies are special antibodies possessed by camelids and sharks, including alpaca, and are smaller than human antibodies and easily genetically modified.

 The alpaca antibody created in this study is also one-tenth the size of a human antibody, and because of its small size, it can penetrate the deep groove of the spike protein on the new coronavirus that human antibodies cannot reach.In fact, researchers confirmed that the antibody binds to a deep groove in the peplomer (referred to as a "hidden crevice" in this study) by three-dimensional structural analysis using a cryo-electron microscope.

The "hidden crevice" is a region where viral mutations are rarely seen, and is a common structure even in the Omicron strain, which is said to have an overwhelming number of mutations compared to other mutant strains. Due to its ability to recognize "hidden crevices" and serve as binding sites, this antibody is more effective against all mutant strains, including the Omicron strain, than any therapeutic antibody formulation ever used. It is said to show.

 Furthermore, it is said that this antibody can be produced thousands of times cheaper than human antibodies, and researchers have created a modified Nanobody antibody with higher neutralizing activity, which will lead to clinical application, and will be infected with a new new type of coronavirus. Aim to develop a drug for treating illness.In addition, since this antibody is highly resistant to the environment and has a wider range of activity than normal antibodies, it can be used to concentrate viruses in the environment such as sewage by taking advantage of its ability to detect all mutant strains. It can also be applied to monitoring applications.

Paper information:[Communications Biology] A panel of nanobodies recognizing conserved hidden clefts of all SARS-CoV-2 spike variants including Omicron

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