The Faculty of Engineering and the Graduate School of Engineering of the University of Tokyo will start the "Metaverse Engineering Faculty", which provides engineering education programs in a virtual space (Metaverse) on the Internet from the latter half of 2022.The aim is to solve the shortage of digital transformation (DX) human resources, targeting junior and senior high school students, university students, and working adults.

 According to the University of Tokyo, the Faculty of Engineering in Metaverse is not a formal faculty, but a general term for the educational programs it offers.It consists of an engineering career information site for junior and senior high school students and university students in the Faculty of Engineering, a junior engineering education program for junior and senior high school students and their parents, and a risky (re-education of vocational ability) engineering education program for working adults and university students. ..

 The operation will be carried out in close cooperation between industry and academia.The University of Tokyo has organized a "Tech Ambassador" consisting of students from the Faculty of Engineering and graduate students from the Graduate School of Engineering to reflect the fresh opinions of young people.Young employees from the industrial world are planning to join as "engineering career advisors" and are looking for companies that agree with the purpose.

 In recent years, cutting-edge technologies have appeared one after another, and value creation using data has progressed rapidly.As the industrial structure undergoes fundamental changes, the demand for learning the latest engineering and informatics is increasing, but there is a definite shortage of DX human resources who can envision a future society by utilizing data and technology. There is.

reference:[University of Tokyo] Notice of establishment of "Faculty of Metaverse Engineering" Promote D & I and develop DX human resources

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