A research group led by Professor Masami Park of Kinki University School of Medicine analyzed the relationship between mask usage and lifestyle and bacteria and fungi that adhere to masks for the first time in the world.It can be used to raise awareness of hygienic and correct mask wearing methods.

 The lifestyle of wearing a mask all the time has become established due to Korona-ka.The effectiveness of non-woven masks against viral infections has been widely studied, and it is recommended to wear them indoors or at dinner.However, there have been no studies on the hygiene aspects of used masks, especially the actual condition of attached bacteria and fungi.

 The research group surveyed 109 volunteers about the actual use of masks from questionnaires (materials, days of use, etc.).Bacteria and fungi attached to the inside and outside of the mask were cultivated, and the number and type of fungi were examined.

 As a result, the number of bacteria was high inside the mask and the number of fungi was high outside the mask.Also, the longer the mask was used, the greater the number of fungi, but not the number of bacteria.Furthermore, conditions such as the use of public transportation and the habit of gargling did not affect the increase or decrease of bacteria.

 Most of the bacteria and fungi detected this time are usually non-diseasing bacteria, but disease-causing bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, rotting staphylococcus, Pseudomonas luteora, mucor, Aspergillus, and Fonsecae have also been detected. rice field.Pay attention to the continuous use of the mask, and it is recommended to replace it within about one day.In addition, many harmful bacteria are detected on the outside of the mask.He points out that it is necessary to pay attention to the inside and outside when wearing the mask.

 The results of this research can be used to raise awareness of hygienic and correct methods for wearing masks, which has become a new habit due to the corona virus.

Paper information:[Scientific Reports] Bacterial and fungal isolation from face masks under COVID-19 pandemic

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