The Tokai National Higher Education Organization, which operates Nagoya University and Gifu University, has signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Dwango, a video distribution service, and KADOKAWA, a major publisher, to jointly distribute educational content such as advanced research.

 According to Dwango, the initiatives to be implemented through comprehensive collaboration
・ Distribute educational content owned by Tokai National Higher Education Organization on Dwango, KADOKAWA's educational content platform "N Preparatory School"
・ Collaboratively develop a new video distribution platform suitable for highly specialized educational content
・ Joint research on university management that makes full use of digital technology
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 The Tokai National Higher Education Organization, which was looking for a partner as part of the "Digital University Concept" that aims to provide the university's knowledge and network to society, and Dwango, KADOKAWA, which aims to expand video distribution services in educational settings, agree. It has developed into a comprehensive collaboration.

 Seiichi Matsuo, Director of Tokai National Higher Education Organization, Dwango, and Takeshi Natsuno, President of KADOKAWA, hold a press conference at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology to clarify their policy to focus on developing next-generation human resources and disseminating advanced educational content for working adults. did.

reference:[Dwango Co., Ltd.] Tokai National Higher Education Organization, Dwango, KADOKAWA Concluded a comprehensive alliance agreement for the realization of university DX To develop and commercialize new services in university management utilizing digital technology

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