Mayor Masaya Mabuchi of Ichinomiya Town, Chiba Prefecture, which was the surfing venue for the Tokyo 2021 Olympics held in the summer of 2020, gave a lecture at Josai International University Chiba Togane Campus on June 6, looking back on the venue invitation to the event. .

 The lecture was held as part of Josai International University's 30th anniversary project with the theme of "Olympic legacy rooted in Ichinomiya Town, Chiba Prefecture (as a venue for the Tokyo Olympic surfing competition)".Approximately 100 students, mainly from the Faculty of Tourism, participated and listened to the actual experience of the chief working on regional development.

 Mayor Mabechi, who took the podium, first explained the outline of Ichinomiya.He touched on the fact that it is a "town where the population does not decrease" with a certain influx of population every year, and said, "Not only is it full of rich nature, but it is also highly convenient for transportation to Tokyo and is considered a suitable place for surfing. But that's the reason," he said, appealing the charm of the town.

 He also mentioned the 2021 Olympics.We succeeded in attracting a surfing venue for the Olympics, and 1 visitors were scheduled to visit Tsurigasaki Beach at the southern end of the town per day, but due to the corona disaster, it was unexpectedly held without spectators.Mayor Mabechi said, "We were planning various welcome events near the venue, but they were all canceled. It's a real shame that the townspeople weren't able to experience the Olympics firsthand." revealed the inside of

 The Olympics did not live up to the expectations of the townspeople, and did not live up to the excitement that Mayor Mabechi had envisioned. While leaving memories of the Olympics in the town, I will make use of this experience and connect it to the development of the Sotobo area.”

 Students asked questions such as, "What kind of transportation do you expect tourists visiting Ichinomiya to use?" I would like them to use it, but I can't say it's convenient.I'm thinking of promoting the use of rental bicycles to make up for that."

Reference: [Josai International University] The Mayor of Ichinomiya Town, Chiba Prefecture gave a lecture at our university Looking back on the Tokyo Olympics surfing venue attraction 

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