On July 2022, 7, the Kinki University Correspondence Education Department signed a memorandum of understanding with Yakushima Ozora High School, a wide-area correspondence high school.This is the first time Kinki University Correspondence Education Division has exchanged a memorandum of understanding with a high school, aiming to contribute to the improvement of the college enrollment rate of correspondence high school graduates.

 In recent years, compared to full-time high schools, the number of designated school days is overwhelmingly fewer, and students can choose from a variety of school attendance and school styles, so more and more students are choosing correspondence high schools as their destination.According to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's "School Basic Survey," only 2011% of students chose correspondence high school in 3.9, but it will increase to 2021% in 6.2.On the other hand, while 57.4% of full-time and part-time high school graduates go on to college, only 19.5% of correspondence high school graduates go on to college.

 Through this memorandum, a correspondence university and a high school will cooperate, and while utilizing the learning methods unique to the correspondence system cultivated during high school, they will be able to smoothly transition to university studies and improve the university enrollment rate of correspondence high school graduates. Aim to contribute to

 Specifically, the Kinki University Correspondence Education Department accepts Yakushima Ohzora High School students as non-degree students and provides them with the opportunity to experience learning at a correspondence university while in high school.Yakushima Ohzora High School will provide Yakushima Ohzora High School and 45 support campuses nationwide as schooling and examination venues for the Kinki University correspondence course.

 Furthermore, if Yakushima Ozora High School students earn credits for the Kinki University Correspondence Course while in high school, they will be issued a transcript, and if they advance to the Kinki University Correspondence Course, the credits will be recognized as completed credits.The admission fee (20,000 yen) will also be exempted.

Reference: [Kinki University] Kinki University Correspondence Education Department x Yakushima Ozora High School A signing ceremony was held to conclude a memorandum of understanding related to high school-university collaboration.

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