On August 2022th (Monday) and 8th (Tuesday), 8, Kyoto Seika University will hold an online "Manga Editorial Department Joint Review Meeting" for students of all faculties as part of career support for students.The editorial departments of more than 9 magazines, including Weekly Shonen Jump, Jump+, Monthly Shonen Magazine, Shonen Sunday, and Bessatsu Margaret, are scheduled to participate.

 At Kyoto Seika University, this ``Manga editorial department joint review meeting'' is being held to support students who aim to become manga artists.All students who study various expressions at university can participate.Students from the Faculty of Manga, as well as students from the Faculty of Art and Design have made their debut, and many works have been released to the world.

 The editorial departments scheduled to participate this time are Monthly Shonen Magazine / comico / Gessan / Jump + / Weekly Shonen Jump / Weekly Shonen Magazine / Weekly Shonen Sunday / Manga Mee / Haruta / Bessatsu Margaret / Morning / Young Jump / Young Magazine / LINE Manga.

 Since the corona disaster, it has become difficult for contributors who wish to become manga artists to bring their works directly to publishers in the manga industry, so the event is being held online.At the review meeting, students bring their own manga works and receive direct reviews from editors of manga magazines in a wide range of genres.By receiving specific advice from multiple perspectives, it is a valuable opportunity to analyze one's own work more deeply and explore new forms of expression.

 Kyoto Seika University established a manga class in its art department in 1973, and has been working on manga research in depth and earlier than anywhere else. In 2006, the Faculty of Manga was established, and Japan's first comprehensive manga museum, the Kyoto International Manga Museum, was opened jointly with the city of Kyoto.It also has an international manga research center, and has a strong track record as a manga research institution, cooperating with the large-scale manga exhibition "The Citi exhibition Manga" held at the British Museum in England.

Reference: [Kyoto Seika University] Online “Manga Editorial Department Joint Review Meeting” where current students and editors of major publications meet 

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