A study by Associate Professor Kazutaka Uemura of the Graduate School of Rehabilitation, Osaka Public University, and Associate Professor Kenji Iwamoto of the Faculty of Engineering, Toyama Prefectural University, found that the more elderly people go out, the more physical activity is required to maintain their health. The group found out.

 According to Osaka Public University, the research group conducted a 73.1-day behavioral analysis of 133 elderly people (48 men and 85 women) living in Toyama prefecture with an average age of 14 years using GPS and accelerometers, and went out. We examined the relationship between patterns and physical activity.

 As a result, the average outing time of the subjects was 1 hours per day, and the number of staying points was 3.5. The more outing time and staying points, the more steps were taken.However, when a multivariate analysis was performed excluding the effects of age, gender, years of education, physique, general cognitive function, and walking speed, only the number of staying points was related to the number of steps and physical activity, and 2.5 per place on the go. It turned out that I was taking more steps.In contrast, outing time was not found to be significantly associated with steps or physical activity.

 The research group suspects that the amount of physical activity has increased due to the accumulation of activities on the go such as supermarkets and public facilities, and when recommending health promotion to the elderly, go out instead of simply recommending walking. It is necessary to consider the number of destinations.

Paper information:[Geriatric Nursing] Objectively-measured out-of-home behavior and physical activity in rural older adults

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