Chiba University of Commerce's efforts to become a "100% renewable energy university" have been awarded the "2022 Climate Action Category" of the "International Green Gown Awards 2030", which is awarded to ideas for realizing an excellent sustainable society at universities around the world. won the award.Chiba University of Commerce is the only recipient from Japan.

 The International Green Gown Awards are co-hosted by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), Francophonie International Organization (AUF), International Association of Universities (IAU) and Higher Education Sustainability Initiative (HESI) This award is given to universities around the world for their ideas for the realization of a sustainable society.

 At the "International Green Gown Awards 2022", a total of 19 schools from 56 countries around the world were selected as finalists in 6 categories, and in the "2030 Climate Action Category", 10 projects, including the efforts of Chiba University of Commerce, were selected as finalists. was

 Chiba University of Commerce aims to become a "2017% natural energy university" from 100 in order to contribute to environmental conservation such as global warming countermeasures.This "100% Renewable Energy University" aims to equalize the amount of power generated by the university's mega-solar power plants and the amount of energy used by the university. are working together.

 Specifically, in addition to the installation and operation of hardware such as the conversion of lighting to LEDs and various devices that make up the energy management system (EMS), the development and operation of software such as energy consumption analysis using EMS, In order to raise awareness that will lead to concrete actions, we launched a student group together with the university aiming for a 100% renewable energy university.We are actively working to reduce energy consumption by implementing energy-saving patrols to check if the lights and air conditioners in classrooms that are not in use are forgotten to be turned off, raising awareness of energy-saving behavior through watering events in the summer, and installing green curtains.

 As a result of these various university-wide energy-saving activities, the amount of power generated exceeded the amount of power consumed in January 2019, achieving Japan's first "1% natural energy university" in power production.The Chiba University of Commerce's 100% natural energy initiative was highly evaluated and was awarded this time.

Reference: [Chiba University of Commerce] Our university's 100% natural energy university initiative won the International Green Gown Awards 2022! 

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