Tohoku University's entrepreneurship education program for high school students and 1st and 2nd year university students starting this year has been selected for the Mitsubishi Mirai Development Foundation's subsidized project, "Cutting Edge and Extraordinary Discovery and Development Program."Starting soon, we will take on the challenge of fostering entrepreneurs in collaboration with high schools and universities who can revitalize Japanese society.

 According to Tohoku University, this entrepreneurial education program is called the "Three Principles to Boldly Open Up the Future: Future Creation, Value Workshop, and Extraordinary Discovery Entrepreneurship Human Resource Development Program."Tohoku University has so far implemented various entrepreneurial human resource development programs, but this time the program targets high school students as well as first- and second-year university students.

 For high school students, we focus on fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, and for first- and second-year university students, we provide practical education to imagine themselves, create things, and challenge society.It will promote new entrepreneur training education in collaboration with the hands-on education of manufacturing and scientific experiments conducted for elementary, middle and high school students, and high school-university collaborative education in the field of science.

 Although Japanese society is still ranked third in the world in gross domestic product, it has fallen behind in globalization and digitalization, and is suffering from a decline in its international economic standing.Many universities are starting to promote entrepreneurship education, believing that the key to overcoming economic difficulties will be to produce human resources who can bring about innovation by demonstrating an entrepreneurial spirit from Japan.

reference:[Tohoku University] INNO Entrepreneurship Human Resource Development Program Adopted as Subsidized Project by Mitsubishi Future Development Foundation

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