At Tokiwa University, we held a “Chart Room” where senior students who studied abroad in 2021 talked about studying abroad and overseas experiences.

 A chart room is a nautical chart room on a ship, where the ship decides its course, such as where the ship is and what direction and speed to go to the destination. The Tokiwa Chart Room was named with the hope that the story of the overseas experience in the Tokiwa Chart Room will serve as a starting point for students to think about their own course for the future.

 The 2022 “Tokiwa Chart Room” will consist of a study abroad debriefing session by students who have studied abroad and a talk about overseas experiences by Tokiwa University faculty and staff.This time, for the first time in three years, three students who were sent as exchange students to Daegu Catholic University in South Korea in 2021 held a face-to-face study abroad debriefing session.

 Naoto Taki (1th year, Department of Communication, Faculty of Human Sciences) studied for one year at the Faculty of Global Business at Daegu Catholic University.While studying abroad, he tried to accept invitations and recommendations from friends as much as possible without saying no. I'm glad I took on the challenge without hesitation," he said.In terms of language, he improved his Korean as a result of speaking in such a way that he could convey what he wanted to say without worrying about pronunciation or grammar.After returning to Japan, he took the Korean language proficiency test TOPIK and passed the 4th level, which is the most difficult.

 Miki Saito (1th year, Faculty of Human Sciences, Department of Communication Studies), who studied abroad as an exchange student for her first semester, said that through this study abroad, it is important to create a comfortable environment for yourself, such as talking to people around you. said he learned.Ms. Reina Morishima (4th year, Faculty of Policy Management, Department of Law and Public Administration), who also studied abroad for a semester as an exchange student, emphasizes the importance of taking on challenges without fear of failure, having self-confidence, and clearly communicating your opinions. He told students who are thinking about studying abroad, "You will never regret studying abroad, so don't be afraid to take on the challenge."

 Tokiwa University faculty and staff members will share their experiences abroad from October onwards.

Reference: [Tokiwa University] A program to hear stories about studying abroad and overseas experiences from Tokiwa University faculty, staff, and senior students 

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