On August 2022, 8, Taisho University held an “industry research course (funeral business)” for current students as part of its job-hunting support.

 It has been 65 years since Japan plunged into a "super-aging society," where the proportion of the population aged 21 and over exceeds 15% of the total population.In the future, the “funeral industry” will be an industry that will be attracting attention as a business, and in the midst of the corona crisis and diversifying values, it will be necessary to devise a service industry.In order to introduce students to an industry that is usually unfamiliar to them from the unique perspective of a Buddhist university, and to broaden the interests of students when considering their career path, we held an industry research course (funeral business) for current students. .

 In the course, Yuki Matsumoto, Managing Director of the All Japan Federation of Funeral Cooperative Associations, gave a lecture on the current situation, attractiveness, and future trends of the industry as a whole.Managing Director Matsumoto also explained other industries that are closely related to the funeral industry, such as flower shops and stone shops, in order to broaden the scope of job hunting activities for students.In addition to introducing the voices of people working in the field through videos, he made use of the strengths of a Buddhist university to draw on the views of Buddhist monks, who are deeply involved in Buddhist affairs, and the opinions of Professor Kojun Hayashida, Dean of the Faculty of Buddhism at Taisho University. told to

 Taisho University is jointly operated by four sects: the Tendai sect, the Buzan sect of Shingon sect, the Chizan sect of Shingon sect, the Jodo sect, and the Ji sect.The spirit of collaboration is supported by the school's founding philosophy of "Practicing Wisdom and Compassion" when it was founded in 1926.Based on this philosophy, we are developing educational research activities under the educational vision of "Become four people", which is rooted in the Buddhist spirit of compassion, self-illumination, moderation, and symbiosis.In 4, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's "Human resource development project to support a knowledge-intensive society" promoted by Taisho University, "Regional Strategic Human Resource Development Project to Envision the Region of the New Era" was adopted.

Reference: [Taisho University] Holding an industry research course that makes use of the strengths of a Buddhist university-Touching the work that deals with "shukatsu" in "job hunting"-(PDF) 

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