Chuo University, Meiji University Professional Graduate School of Governance Studies, Z Holdings, Dai Nippon Printing, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, and the Cyber ​​Security Task Force of the Metropolitan Police Department signed an industry-academia-government collaboration agreement to develop cyber security human resources.

 According to Chuo University, the content of the agreement is
・Mutual support for the development and improvement of education and research
・Mutual interaction between students, faculty and staff
・Social cooperation and social contribution in the field of cyber security

 As part of this, Chuo University will provide knowledge on cybersecurity and establish a place for research on how law and order should be in new areas.Meiji University Professional Graduate School of Governance Studies promotes education and research on cybersecurity.

 Z Holdings will provide cyber security training know-how and expertise in training cyber attack countermeasure personnel, while Dai Nippon Printing will provide cyber security education to a wide range of people.Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group contributes its knowledge to society in order to improve cybersecurity for society as a whole.

 With the COVID-XNUMX crisis, the digital space has become even more important as a public space, but cyber attacks against companies and phishing scams against individuals continue to occur, making it difficult to separate crime from the digital space.For this reason, Chuo University and others have decided to bring together industry, academia, and government knowledge to improve their ability to deal with threats and advance education and research.

reference:[Chuo University] Concluded an agreement on industry-academia-government collaboration for the development of cybersecurity human resources

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