Three functional foods that are expected to relieve allergic symptoms such as pollinosis have been commercialized through joint research by Ehime University and a private company in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture.Jelly, yogurt, and supplement tablets containing the protein contained in the peel and milk of Satsuma mandarin, which is a specialty of Ehime, will be sold at supermarkets and pharmacies inside and outside the prefecture from October.

The center of development was Professor Takuya Sugawara, Director of the Food and Health Science Research Center, Faculty of Agriculture, Ehime University.Professor Sugawara said that nobiletin, a flavonoid contained in the peel of oranges, and β-lactoglobulin, a protein contained in milk, are effective in alleviating allergic symptoms, and that pollinosis is caused by taking two components at the same time. We have found that the symptoms such as these are greatly alleviated.

Therefore, we promoted commercialization in collaboration with dairy maker Shikoku Dairy Industry (President Akio Miyoshi, Toon City, Ehime Prefecture) and Ikata Service (President Yoshitaka Sawada, Ikata Town, Ehime Prefecture), which sells citrus products. N Plus "has been developed.A project team led by 15 students from the Faculty of Agriculture of Ehime University has joined the commercialization, and we are working on the examination of taste and naming.
In addition, Professor Sugawara collaborated with lactic acid bacteria food maker Chlorella (Yufu City, Oita Prefecture, President Isao Yoshise) and health food maker Fine (Osaka City, President Nobutsuna Sasaki) to create a jelly "Health" containing citrus peel and milk protein. We have commercialized "Yufu de Jelly" and supplement tablets "Aller Cleanse".Five students from the Faculty of Agriculture, Ehime University are also participating in this commercialization.

Source:[Ehime University] Student-participation-type industry-academia-government joint development!Develops and sells yogurt products containing orange peel

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