A joint research team of Japan Women's University and Acura Home conducted a survey of residents of detached houses built by Acura Home (2011, 2016) 5 to 10 years after moving in.It clarified the changes in usage patterns according to the life stages of residents and the functions of living spaces required in the age of COVID-XNUMX.

 The purpose of the survey is to understand how space is used in a house according to life stage, to extract housing elements that can respond to changes, and to clarify the changes in housing and living due to the spread of coronavirus infection and the corresponding living environment development. thing.The implementation period is from September 2021th to December 9th, 17, and the target is 12 households built by Acura Home in 9 and 2011.The survey was a questionnaire on the web or on paper (partial interview survey).There were 2016 valid responses.

 The survey results are as follows.
The living room was a place for families with children up to elementary school age to spend time together and watch over their children as they played, read, and studied.The children's room was used as a place to play until elementary school students, and as a "place to concentrate on work" such as studying after junior high school students.In a telecommuting environment, husbands tended to use a private room and wives tended to use a dining table (LDK).

 In addition, less than 2% of households implemented a plan to "divide a large room into two" when changing the floor plan according to the life stage.During the coronavirus pandemic, more and more people were working outdoors due to issues such as noise in detached houses.

 Professor Mariko Sadayuki of Japan Women's University considers "children's growth, changes in family composition, deterioration of physical function due to aging, and social conditions", Houses that have spaces that can be utilized will be required in the future.

reference:[Japan Women's University] Acura Home / Japan Women's University Joint Research Conducted a survey of 5 detached houses 10 to 1,716 years after moving in Changes in floor plans by life stage and actual living environment of corona disaster (PDF)

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