Smokers are more likely to be abused by their spouses, and parents with preschool children are more likely to be abused.A research group led by Saeko Kamoshida, a doctoral student at Tohoku University's Graduate School of Education, and Professor Kobun Wakashima conducted a questionnaire survey on family problems such as domestic violence and child abuse caused by the COVID-XNUMX crisis.

 In October 2021, the research group conducted a web survey of parents with children living in Japan and analyzed the responses of 10 people. We investigated the relationship with physical health.

 According to the results, smokers are more likely to be abused by their spouses, and parents with preschool children are more likely to be abusive.

 Families with reduced income due to COVID-XNUMX, families with fewer rooms, many working families with Internet addiction even during COVID-XNUMX, families whose income has decreased due to COVID-XNUMX, and families with conflicting opinions about COVID-XNUMX have mental health problems. A bad possibility was seen.

 The research group believes that smoking may have led to conflicts and violence between couples, and that the expansion of remote work has made it possible to use the Internet all day long.

 However, these results are only one point in time investigation, and do not lead to interpretation of direct causal relationship.For this reason, the results need to be interpreted with caution, but it seems that they can be used as a risk assessment index for family support during the corona crisis.

Paper information:[PLOS ONE] The relationship between family variables and family social problems during the COVID-19 pandemic

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