The Science Council of Japan responded to the Cabinet Office by summarizing the results of the request for deliberation by the Cabinet Office on measures to strengthen research capabilities at universities, etc. .

 According to the Science Council of Japan, the "comprehensive package to support research capabilities and support young researchers" promoted by the government is causing a decline in the rate of advancement to doctoral courses, a stagnant employment rate for those who have completed doctoral courses, an increase in the percentage of young researchers with fixed terms, and an increase in the number of teachers. He pointed out that the fact that there are four issues of a decrease in the proportion of research time in research is the same as the perception of the field, and that the background is the weakening of the research infrastructure that has existed as a natural premise until now.

 On top of that, assuming that delays in the maintenance and renewal of state-of-the-art and general-purpose equipment are a major factor in declining research capabilities, we will promptly realize the maintenance and renewal and share equipment in order to make effective use of limited resources. It is said that it is necessary to promote

 In addition, it argues that support immediately after arriving at a new post will be very effective for researchers to start research activities in a new environment, and calls for expanded support for young researchers to start.

 In addition, it is essential to clarify the position of doctoral course students, review the graduate school curriculum to create a high level of human resource flow, and issue a statement aimed at fostering social understanding of academic research.

reference:[Science Council of Japan] Request for Deliberation "Deliberation on Enhancing Research Capabilities - Especially from the Perspective of Improving the Research Environment at Universities, etc." (PDF)

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