The hybrid study abroad program promoted by Kogakuin University in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo has been adopted as a long-term off-campus study program (gap year) of the 2015 "University Education Reform Acceleration Program" by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.Unlike traditional study abroad programs that begin with language training, hybrid study abroad is Japan's first study abroad program that allows students to travel regardless of language skills, with the aim of training students with an international perspective through overseas life.

Until now, studying abroad requires a certain level of English proficiency, and students have to take the minimum specialized subjects in English at affiliated universities that they can advance to without repeating a grade, and the tuition fees of local universities are also high. I needed it.The conditions for participation in English proficiency have been abolished for hybrid study abroad, and no tuition fees for local universities are required.A faculty member is dispatched from Kogakuin University to study the minimum specialized subjects in Japanese.

A gap year is a system that promotes study abroad and internships for a certain period of time before enrollment, enrollment, or employment.Language skills and the acquisition of credits for specialized subjects have become obstacles to studying abroad while studying abroad, but the introduction of hybrid study abroad has greatly lowered the hurdles for studying abroad.The students who actually participated have naturally acquired English proficiency and an international sense, and are motivated to study after returning to Japan.

Kogakuin University encourages students who wish to study abroad to acquire problem-solving skills, social morals, and creative abilities in addition to an international sense through living abroad. I hope that it will play a role in the globalization of the whole.

The Ministry of Education's University Education Reform Acceleration Program further promotes university education reform and supports universities that are making efforts at advanced universities. We will support the efforts.

Source:[Kogakuin University] Japan's first!Kogakuin University Hybrid Study Abroad® Program

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