Chiba University student volunteers, Professor Hagiwara Manabu of the Graduate School of Science, and Mugi no Ie, a brewery pub in Narashino City, Chiba Prefecture, developed an original craft beer recipe and brewed beer according to this recipe. From August 2022, 8 (Monday), sales will start at “Muginoie” under the product name “Chiba Dorado”.

 So far, Chiba University student volunteers and Professor Hagiwara have collaborated on the 100th anniversary beer “Ashita no Michi” from Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture and Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture, as well as “Chiba Dorado 0”, which was selected using mathematics (bundle theory). (Chiba Dorado Zero)” has been planning and selling craft beer.Both were so popular that they sold out immediately after the launch.

 And this time, "I want to make more delicious beer. I want to make a craft beer that can be enjoyed by both college students who don't like beer and craft beer lovers."For improvement, the students were divided into malt, hop, and yeast groups, and reconstructed the recipe based on the characteristics of brewing equipment, the production area of ​​raw materials, and the water quality of Narashino City.According to this particular recipe, the students completed the preparation of “Chiba Dorado” by the staff of Mugi no Ie.Since it was closer to the ideal beer, it was named without "zero".

 “Chiba Dorado” is a craft beer characterized by a sweetness with a lot of bitterness and a mellow texture, a hazy color that is intentionally cloudy with hops and oats, and a gorgeous aroma from a large amount of hops.You can enjoy it with your sense of taste, sight and smell. Chiba Dorad's beer style "NEIPA" is one of the beer styles derived from IPA, originating in the New England region of the United States.The Craft Beer Association's Beer Style Guidelines classify it as an emerging IPA, contrasted with WCIPA (West Coast IPA).

 Natsuki Hayakawa (4th year, Faculty of Education), one of the students who participated in the development of Chiba Dorado, said, "As the leader of the malt team, I always keep in mind how to make delicious beer, Through repeated discussions, we paid close attention to details such as the production area and composition.Just as I was inspired by this project to fall in love with beer, it provided an opportunity for many people to drink beer and develop new beers. And I want it to be a beer that is loved by many people, and I believe that it will become so,” he said of his thoughts on Chiba Dorado.

Reference: [Chiba University] Students and faculty members of Chiba University and breweries in Chiba Prefecture will jointly develop craft beer recipes Start offering from August 8

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