Sophia University's Research Institute for Multicultural Society will hold a public symposium on August 2022, 8 (Saturday), titled "Thinking about school enrollment for children requiring medical care."

 With advances in medicine, the number of children requiring medical care (managing a respirator, sputum suction, etc.), that is, children receiving medical care, is increasing. In June 2021, the Act on Support for Children in Medical Care and Their Families was promulgated, stating that maximum consideration should be given to ensure that children who are not in medical care receive education together.

 In this symposium, we will organize the issues that arise when children requiring medical care go to regular classes, etc., and examine what kind of considerations and ingenuity should be taken to establish them as an option.

 In Part 1, we reported on practical examples of enrolling children with medical care in regular classes under the title of "Let's go to elementary school with a respirator!" In "Thinking", we will receive the report and deepen the discussion from the perspective of nursing, education, social welfare, etc.

 The symposium will be held on Saturday, August 8, from 27:15 to 00:17 in Room 30, Building 6, Yotsuya Campus.Anyone can participate for free after pre-registration.Choose face-to-face (first 307 people) or online using Zoom.Face-to-face applications must be made by August 150, but online applications can be made until just before.

Reference: [Institute for Multicultural Society, Sophia University] 2nd Public Symposium: Considering schooling for children requiring medical care 

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