Yamagata University and NASA (US Aerospace Agency) in Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture have agreed on research cooperation to elucidate the largest explosion phenomenon in the universe, "gamma-ray bursts."According to Yamagata University, there is no example of a Japanese university signing an agreement with NASA in the past, and we will jointly develop a gamma ray detector and install it on the International Space Station in 2022 for observation at the earliest. ..

Gamma-ray bursts are explosive phenomena in which high-energy gamma rays are emitted in an instant, and occur several times a day.It is said that the cause is a supernova explosion that occurs when a star with a large mass closes its life, but detailed elucidation has not yet been made.
The research cooperation has been linked with NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center.Professor Shuichi Gunji of Yamagata University Graduate School will set up a research space in the center and work on improving the accuracy of the degree of polarization detector necessary for elucidating gamma-ray bursts.

Professor Gunji and his colleagues have succeeded in jointly developing a polarization detector with RIKEN and Kanazawa University, and have been observing by mounting the detector on the space unmanned demonstrator "Icarus" of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency.I got a clue that it will lead to elucidation by pursuing the polarization phenomenon that the vibration direction of the gamma ray wave is aligned, but since there are few observation data, I decided to proceed with the research in collaboration with NASA in order to further accelerate the research.
Professor Gunji and his colleagues have dispatched graduate students to collect related data at NASA, and Professor Gunji, who had a press conference at Yamagata University, stated his aspirations, "I would like to actively dispatch students and aim for the realization of observations." I did.

Source:[Yamagata University] Yamagata University and NASA / MSFC collaborate on research to elucidate the largest explosion phenomenon in the universe

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