A joint research group consisting of Hosei University, Meiji University, Miyagi University, the University of Tokyo, and Mercari Inc. has so far developed a lightweight, balloon-structured personal mobility device called “poimo,” which can be shaped into various shapes. .This time, we have developed a soft cushion-shaped controller (operating device) suitable for that riding style, and a prototype for practical use of a sofa-type mobility that enables stable riding.

 Ultra-compact personal mobility devices such as electric kickboards, automatic transport robots, and electric wheelchairs with excellent design are attracting attention.Demonstration experiments are progressing in various places, and it is legally recognized as one of the various means of transportation.On the other hand, there is room for improvement in terms of comfort, safety, storage, and customizability according to user preferences.

 The latest poimo developed this time is a stable sofa type with four wheels that anyone can easily ride.A wide structure is achieved by stacking 4 lightweight boards with a balloon structure made of durable fabric (drop stitch fabric).In addition, a drive module for electric wheelchairs was used to improve the weight capacity, hill-climbing performance, and running time.

 Furthermore, in pursuit of intuitive controllability, we developed a cushion-type controller using sensing technology using flexible materials.If you hold both ends of the cushion at the same time, you can go straight, and if you hold either the left or right, you can turn left or right.The cushion can also be used as a neck pillow to rest your neck and move the vehicle to the side where your head is tilted.

 When test-riding events were held at Tokyo Port City Takeshiba and Kashima Stadium, the ease of operation was demonstrated by a wide range of age groups (approximately 200 people).In the driving test at Huis Ten Bosch, it was possible to run comfortably even on uneven road surfaces with unevenness.In the future, we plan to further improve operability, reliability, and safety.

Paper information:[ACM SIGGRAPH 2022 Emerging Technologies] Demonstrating poimo as Inflatable, Inclusive Mobility Devices with a Soft Input Interface

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