The Tokyo Institute of Technology and the Tokyo Medical and Dental University will soon enter into discussions on a corporate merger with the aim of strengthening their research capabilities.Both are designated national universities that are expected to have world-class education and research activities.

 According to the Tokyo Institute of Technology, the Tokyo Institute of Technology has top-class research capabilities in science and engineering, and the Tokyo Medical and Dental University, in the medical field. During the discussion, they decided to enter into discussions with the expectation that by combining the research of the two universities with free ideas, they would be able to create new academic fields that would lead to the resolution of social issues.

 After the corporate merger, it will be decided during future discussions whether to operate two universities or to integrate them into one.

 The government plans to create a 10 trillion yen university fund using FILP as the main source of funds, and from fiscal 2024, use investment profits to support tens of billions of yen annually for a maximum of 5 to 7 schools.Public recruitment for the "International University of Excellence", which will be the target school, is scheduled to start within this year, and both universities want to further enhance their research capabilities with a view to applying.

 Japan's research capabilities have recently been declining internationally, with the number of papers published in the natural sciences stagnating.There are also voices of hope that the integration of the two designated national universities will trigger a movement to overcome the current predicament.

reference:[Tokyo Institute of Technology] Negotiations to Integrate National University Corporation Tokyo Institute of Technology and National University Corporation Tokyo Medical and Dental University Begin

Tokyo Institute of Technology

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