The Association of Chairpersons for International Exchanges of National, Public and Private Universities (JACUIE) has signed an agreement with France Université, a French university organization, and the Conference of French Engineer Schools Heads for mutual recognition of courses, degrees and credits.

 According to JACUIE, the signing ceremony of the agreement was held at the 10th Japan-France Joint Committee on Science and Technology Cooperation held at the Ministry of Higher Education and Research in Paris, France. , President of the University of Tsukuba, Kyosuke Nagata, President of the Association of National Universities, and Yoshie Kobayashi, President of Gunma Prefectural Women's University.

 The agreement is based on the 2013 Japan-France Joint Statement, which mutually recognizes basic qualifications and credits for admission and transfer to bachelor's, master's and doctoral courses in both countries.Until now, the Japan Association of National Universities had concluded the agreement alone, but JACUIE, which includes public and private universities, concluded a new agreement, broadening the scope of Japan-France collaboration.

 After the conclusion of the agreement, an opinion exchange meeting was held between the university groups, where they exchanged opinions on specific methods of cooperation, such as the direction of future exchange projects, and agreed to expand exchanges between Japan and France.

reference:[Council of Chairpersons for International Exchange of National, Public and Private Universities] JACUIE, France Université, and the Conference of French Engineering School Principals Hold a Signing Ceremony for the "Agreement on Mutual Recognition of Courses, Degrees and Credits"

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