At Kinki University, we started a "parental portal site" on September 9th in response to the needs of parents.By using this site, parents can grasp the learning status, class attendance status, grades, etc. of students in real time by using a personal computer or smartphone.
In the questionnaire conducted at the Kinki University Fair (parents' round-table conference) that has been held since 2009, this site says that parents with boarding house students are requesting various information from the university. The university was established with the aim of meeting the needs of parents.

On the "Parental Portal Site", it is possible to inquire about student grades, class attendance status, timetables, syllabus, etc., so that parents with boarding house students can grasp their living and learning status while staying far away. increase.In addition, by incorporating the QA function (inquiry function), it will be possible to make various inquiries to the university directly on the portal site, such as how to apply for scholarships and job hunting, even outside office hours. We are also trying to improve convenience.
In addition, the bulletin board distribution function allows you to receive notifications with new notifications and answers, which brings you closer to parents and leads to student guidance and support in collaboration with parents.

Currently, it is intended for students enrolled in the Higashi-Osaka campus, but in the future we plan to open more than the Higashi-Osaka campus.

Source:[Kinki University] Start of operation on 9/14 (Monday) "Parental portal site" opened!It is possible to inquire about the attendance status of classes in response to the needs of parents. 

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