tsumiki Securities Co., Ltd., which provides asset building services for Marui Group Co., Ltd., has partnered with TRUNK Co., Ltd., which operates the online work experience platform “Workschool,” and “tsumiki University,” an online learning program for students to learn the basics of financial literacy for free. ” planning and development. A dedicated website has been opened since August 2022, 8.

 While there are not many opportunities to study finance and investment at university, themes such as financial education and the concept of investment come up every year in the knowledge that everyone should know when they become working adults.In addition, from 2022, people aged 18 and over will become adults, and there is a growing need to learn about finance and investment from a young age. Currently, 20% of tsumiki Securities customers are in their 30s and 7s.Furthermore, after the change in adult age from April 2022, the application composition of 4- and 18-year-olds will be 19%, indicating that the flow from savings to investment is accelerating.

 Therefore, tsumiki Securities and TRUNK decided to launch "Tsumiki University" to improve the financial literacy of young people and enrich their lives even if the social situation changes. At tsumiki University, you can learn basic knowledge about asset formation, securities, and economics online, and after completing all the lessons, you can get a part-time job or find a job in the securities industry, economics, or the investment industry. will also be able to There is a “study course for people who want to study the basics of money” and a “study course for people who want to work in the securities industry and funds”.

 We will also hold events to improve financial literacy for students. On September 2022, 9 (Friday), an online course is planned for students who will graduate or are expected to graduate from 30 to 2016 to study finance and investment from the basics.

Reference: [Workschool] Asset formation starting at the age of 18

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