Saitama Institute of Technology and Misato Town, Kodama-gun, Saitama Prefecture signed a comprehensive agreement on collaboration and cooperation between Misato Town and Saitama Institute of Technology on Thursday, August 2022, 8.Promote activities through industry-academia collaboration for the development of the local community of Misato Town, which borders Fukaya City, where Saitama Institute of Technology is located.

 The signing ceremony was held in the large conference room of Saitama Institute of Technology Building No. 26, where Saitama Institute of Technology President Shunichi Uchiyama and Mayor Shinji Harada of Misato Town, Kodama District, Saitama Prefecture signed the agreement.In his remarks, President Uchiyama said that he would like the university to develop together with the region by contributing to the region, and that he would like to play a role in regional development by making the most of the characteristics of an engineering university.After the signing ceremony, the town mayor and other officials from the Misato town hall visited Saitama Institute of Technology's autonomous driving and storage battery technology (vanadium redox flow battery), as well as the latest general experiment and training building.

 Through this agreement, at Saitama Institute of Technology, Associate Professor Hiroyuki Motoyoshi of the Department of Information Society, students and faculty members of the Department of Information Society, Department of Management Systems, will work together to revitalize the town of Misato and develop sustainable local communities. , to contribute to human resource development.Demonstrate the strengths of the Department of Humanities and Information Society at the Institute of Technology, and cooperate in various fields such as industrial promotion, human resource development, and community development through a support system that makes use of the academic knowledge of experts and student participation. .

 Specific initiatives include promotion of regional industries such as plans to attract customers using special products, activities related to educational and cultural development such as social experiments at the Remains Forest Comprehensive Park, sports support projects by Saitama Institute of Technology students, Misato Town Takeyuki Prosperity Creation Project, etc.In addition, both parties will discuss and promote cooperation that is deemed necessary.

Reference: [Saitama Institute of Technology] Comprehensive agreement signing ceremony for collaboration with Misato Town was held 

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