In a local 5G demonstration experiment on Mt. Fuji commissioned by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, conducted by the Central Corridor Information and Communication Research Institute, Yamanashi Prefecture, the University of Tokyo, NEC Networks & System Integration, etc., the effectiveness was generally confirmed, but it was not possible under severe weather conditions. It was found that design and construction that secures sufficient strength are necessary for permanent facility operation.

 According to the Central Corridor Information and Communication Research Institute, the demonstration project will install base stations at the 2021th to 5th stations of Mt. examined gender.

 As a result, in addition to being able to check the weather on the mountain and the status of climbers with a 4K camera, it is possible to quickly and smoothly communicate, monitor danger information and predict disasters, and the slope of the mountain does not affect communication. In general, we were able to confirm the effectiveness of local 5G.

 However, in order to continue year-round monitoring, underground burial of optical cables is essential, and installation of power cables is essential on Mt. Fuji, where there is no electricity. rice field.

 In addition, since it is a World Heritage site, it was confirmed that a wide range of ministries and agencies are involved, and that the construction of a permanent facility requires the approval and approval of numerous authorities, including the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Agency for Cultural Affairs, and the Japan Tourism Agency.For this reason, in the future, we will consider a follow-up plan for five years in parallel with the examination of the facility contents.

reference:[NPO Central Corridor Information and Communication Research Institute] FY3 Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications "Development demonstration for realization of problem-solving local 5G, etc." Future plans (PDF)

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