Chiba Institute of Technology has started issuing academic certificates using NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). This is the first time for a Japanese university to issue a certificate as part of the development of a tool for the distributed Internet era using blockchain technology called "web3".You can connect to various platforms without the hassle of ordering by mail and officially appeal the results of your learning, and support the career support of students who are becoming more diversified and international.

 As the human resources market undergoes major changes and the movement to acquire human resources from all over the world in search of specific knowledge and skills, the market value of technical and engineering positions, which Chiba Institute of Technology produces in particular, is increasing.With the NFT conversion of the academic record certificate, it can be displayed simply by connecting the wallet to various platforms, and the results of learning can be appealed in a one-stop manner.In addition, we have adopted a technology that can be said to be the global standard for blockchain certificates, making it internationally accepted.

 According to Chiba Institute of Technology, students' academic credentials are recorded on a blockchain that is difficult to falsify.However, while transparency increases on the blockchain, all information is disclosed to the whole world.For this reason, we have included specifications that take into consideration the privacy of students, such as storing grades and detailed unit information outside the block chain called off-chain and displaying it only when there is an inquiry from the employment side.In addition, it is set to impossible to buy and sell, avoiding the risk that the degree will be traded in the market.

 The creation of a certificate of academic achievement by NFT was launched as an internal project and developed jointly with PitPa, a podcast production company. It is issued to students who earned credits in two classes in the first semester of 2022, including researcher Mitsuhiro Takemura's "Media and Culture."

reference:[Chiba Institute of Technology] Japan's first!Chiba Institute of Technology issues a certificate of academic achievement with NFT (PDF)

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