The Insect Science and New Industry Creation Research Center attached to the Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyushu University signed a partnership agreement with Kama City, Fukuoka Prefecture.Based on the "Insect Industry City Concept Kamacity 6.4" put together by students of the regional policy design school at the Kyushu University Industry-Academia-Public-Private Collaboration Seminar, Kama City will be developed into a base for insect business.

 According to Kyushu University, the signing ceremony for the agreement was held at Kama City Hall, where professor Yoshihiro Kusakabe, director of the Research Center for Insect Science and New Industry Creation Research, and Kama City Mayor Yukihiro Akama signed the agreement.Under the agreement, the theme of commercialization of insects, which has recently been attracting attention as food, is to form a scrum for building new social and economic systems, personnel exchanges, joint research, and returning research results to the community.

 Kama City is located in central Fukuoka Prefecture and has a population of approximately 3. In 4,000, the Great Heisei Merger took place by merging former Yamada City, Kaho Town, Usui Town, and Inachiki Town on an equal footing.Former Yamada City was originally a coal mining town, and after the decline of the coal industry, it is suffering from a rapid population decline and a decrease in employment opportunities.

 For this reason, when I participated in the Regional Policy Design School in 2021 and asked for a solution on the theme of job creation, the students, consisting of students and private company employees, proposed an insect industry city concept, which I implemented. In order to do so, we concluded an agreement with the Research Center for Insect Science and New Industry Creation.

 The Insect Industry City Plan includes biomedical projects such as the commercialization of serum for cell culture using silkworms, food projects such as cricket farming, and moving insect specimens owned by Kyushu University to Kama City to open an interactive museum. With the museum project as the three pillars, we aim to hire a total of 3 new people.

reference:[Kyushu University] Kyushu University Insect Science and New Industry Creation Research Center and Kama City conclude a partnership agreement

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