A research group at Nagoya City University, in collaboration with Sapporo Medical University, Akita University, Mie University, and Okayama University, conducted a multicenter observational study to confirm that vaccination against the novel coronavirus is effective for Japanese breast cancer patients, and that it is effective for treatment planning. Although the effect is small, we showed that the effect may be weakened during chemotherapy and CDK4/6 inhibitor administration.

 In the epidemic of the new coronavirus infection, it is recommended that cancer patients, who are susceptible to infection, be vaccinated against the new coronavirus.However, the influence of cancer treatment on the effect, the difference in the effect in mutant strains, and the effect on the treatment plan of COVID-7 vaccination were not clear.Therefore, this time, we conducted a multicenter joint observational study at XNUMX facilities in Japan.

 Targeting breast cancer patients scheduled to be vaccinated against COVID-2021 from May to November 5, serum was collected before vaccination and 11 weeks after the second vaccination.The subjects were divided into groups of no treatment, hormonal therapy, anti-HER2 therapy, chemotherapy, and CDK4/2 inhibitor according to the treatment they received.

 As a result, the seroconversion rate after vaccination in breast cancer patients was 95.3%, which is equivalent to the past data of healthy subjects, and it was found that the impact of vaccination on cancer treatment is small.On the other hand, during chemotherapy and CDK4/6 inhibitor administration, it was suggested that the neutralizing antibody titer decreased depending on the mutant strain, and there was concern about the effect on long-term infection prevention.This suggested that actions for infection prevention are important even after two vaccinations.

 In the current study, getting the COVID-4 vaccine did not significantly affect cancer treatment regimens.However, it is unknown whether chemotherapy or CDK6/XNUMX inhibitor administration causes a decrease in the neutralizing antibody titer, and this is a subject for future investigation.

Paper information:[Breast Cancer Research and Treatment] Efficacy and impact of SARS-CoV-2 vaccination on cancer treatment for breast cancer patients: A multi-center prospective observational study

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