Back pain is one of the most common symptoms of physical discomfort caused by work.Back pain prevention measures are required in various workplaces. On September XNUMX, Hokkaido University announced that it has developed a sensor-embedded wear that can visualize the load on the lower back in real time in collaboration with Nikon Corporation.If you can detect when, what kind of work, and how much burden you will have, you can avoid dangerous postures that cause back pain, and useful information for work / labor management and work improvement. Can be obtained.

The developed clothing is worn around the waist like a belt or corset.It is powered by a built-in battery, is lightweight at 273g including the battery, and is made of flexible material, so it does not interfere with body movement.The sensor group installed on the back can estimate the lumbar shape with the same accuracy as X-ray, and at the same time, the lumbar load can be estimated based on the musculoskeletal mechanics model.The university conducted a demonstration experiment at a nursing care facility and succeeded in measuring and recording the burden on the caregiver's lower back during long-term care work for a long time.

In the future, we aim to develop it as a product / service that can be used at work sites such as nursing homes. By accumulating waist load data during work and analyzing big data, we not only reduce the waist load but also personnel at the work site. The company plans to proceed with development to provide solutions that lead to business improvement, such as optimizing placement.

Source:[Hokkaido University] Succeeded in developing wear with a built-in sensor that allows you to see the burden on your lower back just by wearing it (PDF)

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