A faculty member from the Department of Environmental Design, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tama Art University visited Tokyo Institute of Technology High School of Science and Technology, gave a special lecture on the theme of environmental design, and actively exchanged opinions with the students who attended.

 According to Tokyo Tech, 2 second-year students in the field of architectural design at an affiliated high school took the course. Professor Yuzuru Matsuzawa, head of the Department of Environmental Design at Tama Art University, gave an overview of the Department of Environmental Design, followed by Professor Akira Kishimoto, who combined engineering and art. The theme of the lecture was environmental design.

 Professor Kishimoto gave examples from around the world and explained how to deal with nature and how architecture should coexist with nature. He lectured on architecture from the viewpoint of fine arts and art, not from the perspective of architecture.After the lecture, the students actively asked Professor Kishimoto and others questions.

 To study architecture at university, it is common to go to the architecture department of the School of Environment and Society at Tokyo Tech, or to the architecture department of the engineering department or science and engineering department at other universities.However, at Tama Art University, he teaches architecture in the environmental design department of the art department.

 The affiliated high school has a policy of promoting high school-university collaboration with universities other than Tokyo Tech, and because the faculty of engineering, the faculty of science and technology, and the faculty of fine arts have very different viewpoints even though they are in the same field of architecture, we planned a special lecture by a Tama Art University faculty member.

reference:[Tokyo Institute of Technology] Special lecture by Tama Art University in the field of architectural design at the affiliated high school

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