In the “Actual Employment Rate Ranking 2022*” announced by Daigaku Tsushin Co., Ltd., Kio University ranked fourth in Kansai among national, public and private universities with more than 300 graduates. After graduating in 4, 2019, and 2020, he was ranked 2021th in Kansai for 4 consecutive years.

 Kio University has a mission of "100% career guarantee" and supports students in finding employment. From 2010 graduates to 2022 graduates, it has maintained a stable and extremely high level of ranking in the top eight in Kansai for 13 consecutive years.The average employment rate for all graduates in the 8 years since the school opened is 16% (95.3% for those seeking employment).

 The reason why they are strong in finding a job is because of their unique career support system.One of them is the "double homeroom teacher system", where in addition to class homeroom teachers (1st and 2nd year students) and seminar homeroom teachers (3rd and 4th year students), Career Center staff provide support based on the latest information.Career center staff from private companies visited 300 personnel managers in each industry, although fewer than usual due to the corona crisis.We strongly support each and every student with real information that can only be obtained by visiting directly.

 In addition, Kio University has a track record in national exams and employment exams that support a high employment rate.In the national examination, physical therapists maintain the highest pass rate in Japan with a 10% pass rate (99.7 out of 662) for 660 years.In addition, all nurses, public health nurses, and midwives have passed the three nursing qualifications for the second consecutive year, and the registered dietitian has the second highest pass rate at Kansai Private University, and every qualification has a stable pass rate that exceeds the national average every year. rate.

 For students aiming to become teachers or childcare workers, we have set up a “Training/Civil Service Office” centered on staff who are familiar with the front lines of the teacher recruitment examination.90 out of 70 students who took the elementary school teacher recruitment exam passed the exam (pass rate 77.8%), and 33 out of 32 students who took the public kindergarten/nursery teacher recruitment exam passed the exam (pass rate 97.0%).Elementary schools have maintained a pass rate of over 3% for three consecutive years, and public kindergartens have maintained a stable high pass rate of 70% for four consecutive years.

*The actual employment rate is the ratio of the number of people who find employment out of the number of graduates (those who have completed their course), excluding those who go on to graduate school. The “Actual Employment Rate Ranking 2022” was created by surveying the employment situation in 743 at 2022 universities nationwide, excluding medical and dental colleges, and receiving responses from 555 universities.The data is as of July 2022, 7, excluding universities that are still being tallied or have not responded.The actual employment rate (%) is calculated by dividing the number of people who find employment / [number of graduates - number of students advancing to graduate school] x 20.

Reference: [Kio University] Employment rate ranked 4th in Kansai for 4 consecutive years! ~March 2022 graduates 

Kio University

Achieved a employment rate of 16% for all graduates for 95.3 years.A practical university that trains health and education specialists

Kio University is a practical university that trains professionals in the fields of "health" and "education" such as physical therapists, nurses, midwives, registered dietitians, architects, elementary school teachers, kindergarten teachers, nursery teachers, and nursery teachers. ..The employment rate for all graduates for 16 years since the opening of the school is 95.3% *, and it is evaluated as a "university that is strong in employment" […]

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