For about 10 years, the Community Rehabilitation Laboratory at Kio University Graduate School has been cooperating with Ikoma City's Community Rehabilitation Activity Support Project, "Residents' Center for Commuting." It was suspended due to Covid-19, but it will be resumed from 2022 while monitoring the situation.In cooperation with Ikoma City Hall, under the direction of Professor Katsuhiko Takatori and Associate Professor Daisuke Matsumoto of the Graduate School of Health Sciences, a team of active physical therapists plans to visit 90 places where residents can visit.Physical therapists who make rounds provide exercise guidance and health checks to participants, and play a role in linking services such as short-term intensive care prevention classes as necessary.

 Ikoma City in Nara Prefecture is a well-known local government that receives visits from all over the country as an advanced area for long-term care prevention. It is

 When we recruited physiotherapists to participate in the support for the "resident-centered commuting place" that had been suspended due to the influence of the corona, 7 Kio graduates from the 15th to 21th grades, including graduate students of the Community Rehabilitation Laboratory, gathered. .Most of them are alumni of the health support student team TASK (Think, Action, Support for Health by Kio University). TASK is a student organization of Kio University, and in addition to health checkups for Kio students, it also conducts health support activities for a wide range of people, from kindergarten children to the elderly, in Nara and Osaka prefectures.

 Many of the TASK alumni who participated in this support are currently working at acute care hospitals and are not usually involved in community long-term care prevention projects. Based on his experience as a physiotherapist, he works on projects to support rehabilitation activities in the community.

 Yusuke Nakamura, a visiting researcher at the Community Rehabilitation Laboratory at Kio University Graduate School and the first representative of TASK, said, "The weakening of ties with people due to activity restrictions has had a very large impact on the elderly living in the community. The role of the Community Rehabilitation Laboratory is increasing not only in prevention but also in improving the quality of life.It would be great if it would be a good opportunity to show myself as a senior to the active TASK members who are also unable to carry out their activities as they wish.” He talked about his thoughts on regional support and juniors.

Reference: [Kio University] Graduates gather for Ikoma City's regional rehabilitation activity support project! ~Regional Rehabilitation Laboratory with TASK 

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