Temple University, Japan Campus and Food Loss Reborn Center have agreed to jointly support the lives of Temple University, Japan Campus students (approximately 1,600 degree program students).

 Food Loss Reborn Center regularly donates food to Temple University, Japan Campus three or four times a year. ) to support Ukrainian students to be accepted from

 Among the foodstuffs stockpiled by companies and local governments as emergency supplies, the donated items are mineral water whose expiration date is approaching, retort pouch foods (curry, hamburgers), canned foods (canned tuna, side dishes, bread), alpha rice ( white rice, flavored rice), etc.The period until the expiration date is about 1 month at the shortest and 1 year and several months at the longest.There is no cost burden on the side of the recipient of the donation, including the shipping fee.

 At the university, food from the Food Loss Reborn Center and items purchased at the university with donations are put in food lockers installed on the campus and provided to students.The food locker respects the privacy of students and is very popular because students can use it anytime without anyone knowing.

 While this initiative will support the lives of students, it will also contribute significantly to the SDGs by reducing large amounts of waste when replacing food stockpiled for natural disasters and preventing significant food loss. Become.

Reference: [General Incorporated Association Food Loss Reborn Center] Very popular!Food bank and university jointly provide livelihood support for current students and international students 

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